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ReDefine and Reverse the Age of Your Skin with
INTRAcel Microneedling and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

Looking for a non-surgical treatment to enhance your appearance, redefine and reverse the signs of aging-naturally?  Look no further! The Must Have treatments for a more youthful appearance are Platelet Rich Plasma with RF Micro-Needling and they are at The Neigel Center, located in Florham Park, New Jersey. Did you know that our blood has all the components to turn back the hands of time? It’s true! Blood contains natural growth factors, proteins, vitamins and other nutrients that activate, grow and produce cells, as well as stimulate collagen and rejuvenate skin. For those of us who want a natural alternative to rejuvenate our skin and stimulate collagen with no chance of side effects or adverse reactions, we now have a solution.

It’s called PRP, or Platelet- Rich- Plasma and it’s become one of the most talked about treatments and one of the most requested treatments in aesthetics and at the Neigel Center.

Successfully used orthopedically for years, PRP or the high concentration of growth factors derived from whole blood, has been used to speed up the healing response in soft tissue, bone and joints. PRP is now being used aesthetically, either alone or with other aesthetic treatments and modalities, such as RF micro-needling for skin rejuvenation, skin repairing and for hair regrowth. It has fast become one of the most requested treatments due to the results it achieves and the little to non-existent risks and side effects it has. The results from PRP alone average 12 to 18 months or more.

INTRACel RF micro-needling system is the most revolutionary Collagen Induction therapy treatment in aesthetics.  It creates tiny entryways in the skin and selectively stimulates collagen and delivers precise heating to all 3 levels of the dermis with radio frequency energy, therefore tightening and repairing the skin. Adding Platelet Rich Plasma “rich”in growth factors during the procedure boost both collagen production and promotes healing.

Platelet-Rich Plasma contains: natural growth factors, proteins, vitamins and nutrients.

They activate, grow and produce cells, stimulate collagen and rejuvenate skin and hair regrowth.

A Natural alternative to rejuvenate the skin and stimulate collagen with NO chance of side effects or adverse reactions. The NATURAL alternative for:


This tri-fold treatment provides the best results- radiant, youthful skin with No Downtime!

We recommend that anyone who has skin care concerns about acne and trauma scarring, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, skin laxity, sun damage, reducing pore reduction, improving skin tone and texture or increasing hair regrowth, call the Neigel Center at 973-410-1100 for a consultation on PRP and INTRAcel RF MicroNeedling. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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Dr. Neigel and Dr. Richard are renowned oculofacial surgeons with over 35 years combined facial cosmetic surgery. Our surgeons are leaders in anti-aging aesthetic technology and innovators in the latest and newest techniques in blepharoplasty cosmetic and reconstruction surgery.

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